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Remmina is a practical remote desktop client ideal for users that are in constant movement due to their work and that need constant access to the PC

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One of the best systems to be able to access a computer from somewhere else is by means of a remote desktop client, thanks to which you'll be able to handle any machine as if you had it in front of it, thus being able to work remotely with a portable, while you are actually using your office computer, for example.

  Remmina is a remote desktop client developed for advanced users that have advanced computing knowledge, due to the fact that, despite being compatible with several standards (RDP, VNC, XDMCP and SSH), thus it can be rather complex to configure.

  The program's interface is rather complex and has several configuration menus, from which you'll be able to change some of the computer's parameters. The program offers you the possibility to view the remote desktop in fullscreen mode, a toolbar to adjust the connection properties and a file manager.

  If you want to access your home or office computer from a Linux computer, Remmina is probably one of the most complete alternatives available.
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