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Scream Go: Jumping & Swimming is the alpha and the omega of casual games for smartphones and tablets: retro design and huge pixels, and voice control

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If we were all very enthusiastic with the retro graphics of Flappy Bird and their tribute to 8-bit video games, here comes Scream Go: Jumping & Swimming with an even more retro and vintage aspect.

The quintessence of casual games: black and white pixels

With black and white graphics that remind us of the most simple Spectrum titles, it offers a gaming system similar to the bird that was a great hit on Android and iPhone not too long ago. The peculiar thing is that you control the game with your voice. If you speak in a lower tone, the character will hardly move, but if you shout he'll move faster.

And as you've probably gathered from its name, here there are two basic things to be done: jump and swim:

  • Jump: leap from block to block without falling off the edge with your voice. Take into account that not all blocks are at the same height and you'll have to measure when and how to tap your device's screen.
  • Swim: you'll have to swim underwater trying to dodge obstacles and avoiding piranhas that want to gobble you up, while you try not to sink to the bottom. All the latter by shouting at your iPhone, although this mode is slightly more complicated than in Flappy Bird.

Who needs complicated plots and outstanding visual effects?

The game, that also comes along with a version in APK format for Android, is the real rage in many different countries... it's definitely a great reason to pay a huge sum of money for an iPhone 6 to be able to play games that were already bad back in 1986.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires iOS 7.0 or above.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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