Sengoku is a game set in Japan during the feudal ages. Lead your clan during the civil war that took place in the land of the rising sun in Sengoku


Fight for the total control of Japan

September 14, 2011
6 / 10

The feudal era was a tumultuous period in Japan. The Ashikaga Shoguns lost the control and a civil war took place, putting the nation in a very dangerous position. This is the period in which Sengoku took place.

Lead your clan to victory

Sengoku is a real time strategy game in which the player takes on the role as the leader of one of the many clans that rivaled for the control of Japan during the civil war that took place during the feudal era.

By means of important maneuvers, both military as well as political, the player will have to take control of the islands step by step. With the displays of strength having as much weight as the treaties that you sign with nearby clans.

What's more, it will also be important to take into account the foreign forces (the Portuguese and the Dutch) that will try to favor a leader over the rest in search of good commercial agreements in the future. Or to reach an agreement to receive the invaluable help of one of the ninja clans, assassins capable of undermining a full region with surgical precision.

Therefore, take control of your troops, but don't forget to pay special attention to your subordinates and get ready to conquer Japan in Sengoku.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo has certain limitation with regard to the full game, like only allowing you to choose between two clans.
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