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Make sure that you don't lose any important data creating backups with Simple Backup. Download Simple Backup for free and avoid disastrous data loss

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Simple Backup is a very simple program that allows any user to create backups of whatever data he/she wants, so as to be able to restore them if he/she ever detects any problem on how the computer works. This program is indicated both for new users that are simply searching how to keep their data safe, as well as for computer experts that want to make the most of the options that this tool offers.

  The application allows you to save the data on an internal or external hard drive, as well as on network units or online storage services. It has a rather simple interface, even though some of the options may not be understood by users with less experience with this kind of development.

  One of the most important features of the program are the reports that it generates after finishing each of the backups, due to the fact that it describes any kind of error that may have occurred during the writing process.

  Download Simple Backup and discover how practical it can be to have all your data safe at all times.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have a GNOME desktop environment to be able to work properly.
Simple Backup
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