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Download Sky Charts for free and study the planets, comets, asteroids and other heavenly bodies from your PC. Sky Charts is the best free software for you

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The sky has always been one of the most fascinating things for mankind. The stars, planets and other heavenly bodies are very interesting for the majority of people. Now, thanks to Sky Charts we will be able to see them from our computers desktop.

Maps of the sky for stargazing

Sky Charts is a software application that is relatively complete and that allows seeing planets, comets, asteroids, nebulae, and even trajectories by means of the different catalogs it includes and that can be found on the Internet. Furthermore, it is possible to connect this software to certain types of telescopes to be able to obtain the data from the visualization devices and be able to be a lot more precise.

Just like the different online tools that can be used nowadays, Sky Charts allows us to see the sky from a specific point that we have to choose when the application is launched. Thus, this software will show the sky just as it is seen there.

We can configure quite a few parameters in Sky Charts, allowing us to modify the colors, the catalogs of heavenly bodies, the size of the stars and nebulae, the representation of the planets, the tags, coordinate grids, or the superposition of photos.

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