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SlimPDF Reader is a PDF document viewer that is really light despite include all kinds of functions necessary for these programs. Download SlimPDF Reader

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SlimPDF Reader is an application that can make the rest of PDF readers on the market a laughing stock. The little space occupied by this reader should make the majority of famous applications consider why they occupy up to twenty times more while basically performing the same functions.

  You will notice that no major features are missing in SlimPDF Reader: possibility to go to page, to the start or to the end (both of the document or of the current page), carry out searches, adjust the zoom (100%, fit screen o custom),... All the features that any user may need are available.

  The interface used by SlimPDF Reader is minimalist, showing only the necessary button and the information necessary to be able to handle the program without any problem. It has to be said that applications like this make a computer work a lot better, because when no features are missing, the less space an application occupies the better.

  There are few things SlimPDF Reader can improve, because integrating all these features in such a small amount of space is praiseworthy. Inc
3 months ago
3 months ago
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