Soda Player Mac


Soda Player is a multimedia player for macOS platforms, compatible with playing videos via streaming through torrents while preserving our privacy


Multimedia player capable of playing torretns

October 2, 2018
8 / 10

Soda Player is a multimedia player for Mac that can open and play videos stored locally or remotely by means of torrent connections.

That's the main advantage of this program that comes along as one of the most complete video streaming players around. It allows us to stream content by means of P2P connections so that we can watch any video without needing to download anything.

Main features

These are the main features of this program:

  • Play videos through P2P connections with torrents.
  • Compatible with Chromecast and Apple TV.
  • Automatically find subtitles in your language.
  • Supports the vast majority of formats and codecs.
  • Protects the user's privacy thanks to its SOCKS5 proxy system.
  • Native support for AceStream links.
  • Avoid P2P network blocks like in offices or study centers.

All the latter is built into a very simple and minimalistic interface, with just the controls necessary to control all our video playback options.

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