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Soundflower can be used to transfer audio from one app to another on Mac. You can route audio signals just as if you had a software-based sound card


Your digital sound card for Mac

April 13, 2018
9 / 10

Soundflower is a tool with which you can make the most of the audio playing on your Mac. It's a classic application to route sound signals between different applications and has always been a must amongst the most experienced users in terms of audio. With Soundflower you can route signals making them come out of one app and go into another. It's very useful when it comes to recording the sound emitted by a Mac, for instance, if we want to compose music from several sound sources or for advanced DJ functions in which we need to play audio from two or more programs.

Outdated by useful

This development lived its golden age some years ago when Mac computers were worshipped in the music industry and required additional options for signal routing. Unfortunately, from 2014 onwards, its original creators stopped supporting it and although it survived it was never the same again. Now, Matt Ingalls is taking care of its maintenance. He's one of the first developers of this project although we have to admit that the support is quite limited and many musicians are searching for decent alternatives.

The greatest problem as of lately is the digital signature required by the latest versions of Apple's operating system. However, with this latest version, we can overcome this problem if you want to use Soundflower whatever it takes and at any expense without having to resort to other alternatives.

Main features of Soundflower for Mac

  • Two configuration options: 2 channels or 64 channels.
  • Create complex signal routing chains.
  • Perfect for music producers or DJs.
  • Completely free.
  • With a worthy support for the latest versions of the OS.

Nowadays, there are other tools that you might find equally interesting such as Jack OS X or Loopback. In any case, try out this one and make the most of all the possibilities of having a mixer and digital sound card in software format.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Mac OS X 10.9.
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