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Space Frontier is a game for Android devices in which you have to control the launch of a rocket helping it to get rid of its fuel modules on its way up

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You've probably seen the take off of a space rocket or space shuttle before, and you've definitely noticed how it releases different modules before entering outer space. That's where they load the fuel necessary to lift off the ground and reach a high enough speed to enter an orbit in space.

Put your rockets into orbit

Well, in this game, your mission is to precisely help this operation to be carried out correctly. In Space Frontier, it's up to you to put the rocket into orbit, releasing each one of the load modules before it's too late and the ship explodes.

The game is very simple: you'll see how the rocket is made up of 5 different modules and there can only be one left, which will be the capsule that enters outer space. To make the others fall, you'll have to tap on them without taking an eye off the indicator that tells you when it's the right moment to do so. And yes, it seems easy, but you'll soon see how your rocket gets shattered before even taking off...

Simply tap the load module to release it before exploding.

The difficulty of this casual game for Android developed by Ketchapp grows exponentially as you advance. Each time you complete a level and get onto the next one, you'll have to be faster and more skillful. So, download this APK right now and file your application to work for the NASA or ESA.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.3.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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