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Sparky Alexa Toolbar offers information to improve your browsing significantly. With Sparky Alexa Toolbar you will have access to Alexa's statistical data


Have Alexa's information in your browser

July 2, 2015
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The web ranking drawn up by Alexa offers the user very useful data about browsing. To take a case in point, it can be used to guarantee the solvency of the information offered by a page. That's the reason why Sparky Alexa Toolbar can become a very appropriate add-on for our browsing experience.

A data set that will improve our browsing

With Sparky Alexa Toolbar we will have information about the most visited webs as well as other data that can be used to speed up our browsing, such as their popularity, related links or with similar contents, the aspect that any site had in the past or which are the most popular pages or searches at present. All this data will improve significantly the quality of the information obtained and can be used as a reliable guide.

What Alexa's bar shows us

  • Position on Alexa's global ranking of network traffic.
  • Links with contents related to the web visited.
  • The web's aspect in the past provided by
  • Popular searches and pages at present.
  • Integrated search engine.
  • Notifications of activity on Gmail and on Facebook and Twitter profiles.

The leading company in web statistical analyses

Alexa is dedicated to gathering statistical data with which we can audit the use that Internet users make of the web, guaranteeing their total anonymity. Alexa is the web of reference in these issues, therefore the information obtained is totally trustworthy. Furthermore, as a user of Sparky Alexa Toolbar you can become part of Alexa's analytics if you wish.

Browse more efficiently by installing Sparky Alexa Toolbar on your Firefox browser.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires Firefox 3.0.9 or above.
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