SpellForce 2

Shadow Wars

SpellForce 2 is a totally innovating idea, because it combines two completely different genres. Download SpellForce 2 and enjoy great adventures on your PC

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SpellForce was a game that had a lot of success when it was launched onto the market in 2003, and it received two expansions that provided the possibility to increase what the game had to offer, but it wasn't until 2006 that the second instalment was launched: SpellForce 2 Shadow Wars.

  One of the things that captivated the players most of SpellForce 2 and its predecessor, is the great way in which it combines elements from the classic role-playing games (you have to control an avatar) with others that come directly from real-time strategy games (since you control your full army).

  This allows the player to control the selection of his/her avatar's skills on one hand, as if it were a character, with the possibility to choose between more than 100 options. When it's necessary to pay attention at all times to the tactics that are being used by the army, having to pay special attention at all times to the different movements from the enemies.

  Furthermore, to make SpellForce 2 more interesting, it offers graphics with great quality and a handling and control that is within the reach of very few RTS titles.

  Therefore, if you want to enjoy great adventures on your computer, download and try the demo of SpellForce 2 Shadow Wars.
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