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Spiral is an entertaining arcade game for Android in which we have to descend down a 3D spiral whilst we collect gems and jump over all the obstacles


Descend down the spiral dodging obstacles

August 21, 2017
8 / 10

Just imagine a ball rolling down the thread of a screw that can only avoid all the obstacles on its way by jumping over them. Well, that's exactly what Spiral is all about, the new video game developed by Ketchapp that is back to offer us the next big thing in the casual genre.

A simple game to have a great time

This french company has also stood out for offering us simple games on both Android and iOS, capable of guaranteeing hours of fun on end without any other intention than keeping as entertained. We've already tried this game on iPhone and iPad but now we can download its APK to play it on Android smartphones and tablets.

As we already mentioned, it's all about dodging obstacles that we'll come across on a spiral and in which the success of our mission will depend on our reflexes. To jump over each obstacle, we'll only have to tap the screen.

You'll be surprised about how much time you're able to waste dodging obstacles non-stop.

However, the gameplay isn't as easy as it may seem: we'll descend the spiral at a devilish speed and crash into objects if we're not very careful. On our way down, we'll come across precious gems to be collected and our eagerness to catch them may distract us. Specially because the more we collect the more textures we'll be able to unlock for our tower.

As you can imagine, the game doesn't come along with a ground-breaking plot, and neither does it include a massive multiplayer online mode or anything similar. Once again, its developers have managed to bring back the classic arcade video game concept based on advancing non-stop through a scenario that never changes... and all the latter without getting bored.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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