Split Second

Split Second is a frenetic video game in which you have to eliminate your enemies while driving sports cars. Download Split Second and get behind the wheel

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Split Second is a game developed by the same team that developed Pure, and it's capable of surprising the majority of hardcore gamers, because it offers speed and action in a single game. The objective of the game will be to take part in a television show in which you have to compete on urban tracks, while destroying your rivals and trying to avoid the traps and obstacles that you come across.

  We'll have dozens of sports cars available, which will allow us to reach incredible speeds, to such an extent that they will be perfect to perform jumps and to collide with force against the urban furniture and fixtures, the buildings of each track and the other vehicles we are competing against.

  The graphics are amazing, every last detail has been included on the tracks and the sense of speed is outstanding. The playability is rather simple, but this is mainly due to the fact that it isn't a driving simulator as such.

  If you were looking for a racing game in which action, spectacular crashes and explosions are the main part of the game, download Split Second.
Requirements and additional information:
The demo will allow you to enjoy the airport track.
BlackRock Studio
Over a year ago
3 months ago
986.5 MB

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