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Download SQL Server 2000 SP1 for free, the first pack of updates for SQL Server 2000. Improve the performance and solve problems with SQL Server 2000 SP1

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The developers at Microsoft always know that minor security errors and bugs appear even after a lot of testing, so they pay special attention to the technical support and are generally very fast at launching major updates (Service Packs) that increase the general stability and functionality of their products.

  One of the best business products by Microsoft was SQL Server 7, that was then improved with the launch of SQL Server 2000, after the first months of use of SQL Server 2000, some flaws and errors where found, and Microsoft decided to launch SQL Server 2000 SP1 to solve them.

  Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is a database server that stands out due to its trustworthiness, performance, quality and ease of use, and with the first Service Pack, Microsoft has in mind giving it a push forward, so that it can be installed in any company that needs a good database server.

  As well as the security patches that had appeared to the date, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP1 included some innovations, among which the most important were the inclusion of new supports, a better treatment of PDF files and new options to work with HTML code. That is without forgetting about the small adjustments to the usability and performance due to the code improvement.
Requirements and additional information:
Compatible with Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Professional Edition, Server, Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional Edition operating systems. Service Pack 1 update for the four editions of Reporting Services and the installation configurations.
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