iTunes is a good player, but you can increase its sound quality with SRS iWOW. Improve the quality of the sound of iTunes once you download SRS iWOW

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SRS iWOW is a plug-in that greatly improves the sound quality of iTunes. Once SRS iWOW has been installed, this plug-in will apply various proprietary technologies to optimize the sound of iTunes as much as possible. With a set of specific drivers and a simple yet complete configuration tool, this software will produce the best possible sound from your hardware.

  This plug-in allows you to indicate several profiles to listen to rock, classical, jazz, blues, country,... Thanks to these profiles managing greater quality and depth will be something audible, but what's more, by means of the SRS iWOW panel you will be able indicate how and with what kind of speakers you are listening to the music with, thus, the software itself will configure the drivers to as to improve the sound on headphones, integrated and surround speakers.

  And clearly, the better the sound system you have, the more you'll notice the change, because it isn't the same to configure surround speakers (elements supported by SRS iWOW) than a set of headphones.

  The developers of SRS iWOW promise a bass sound depth that is greater and sound quality that is so refined that you will say “WOW!” the first time you listen to music with the application installed.
Requirements and additional information:
Requires a ZIP compatible compressor. The trial version lasts for 14 days.
SRS Labs Inc.
Over a year ago
3.3 MB

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