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The official Stremio app for iPhone and iPad offers you the best movies and series via streaming as well as access to your favorite YouTube channels


Movies and series via streaming on your iPhone

January 31, 2022
10 / 10

If you're keen on watching movies and series via streaming, whether from your computer, straight on your smart TV, or any of your mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android, you've probably already had to make a decision about one of the most important first-world problems you could possibly come across: should I go for Netflix or HBO? Or shall I go mad and hire both services?

Well, as of lately there's a solution that may satisfy you even more: Stremio. It's an application with which you can watch almost any of the movies offered by the above-mentioned streaming services, as well as premiers that are still at the cinema, your favorite TV shows, including The Young Pope, Game of Thrones, Narcos or The Walking Dead, and all the latter integrated with YouTube so that you can enjoy your favorite channels and youtubers.

A mediacenter for your iPhone.

What else could you possibly want? A native application for iPhone and iPad to enjoy all those contents on your iOS mobile devices? Well, here it is. Three months after the release of the corresponding APK for Android smartphones and tablets, its developers have finally published the official app for Apple's tablets and smartphones to join the wide offer of desktop clients for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The family is finally complete.

How does Stremio for iPhone work?

If you've ever used this multimedia application (that will probably remind you of Kodi) on any other platform, you won't have any trouble understanding how it works. All the contents are distributed on three panels or tabs, although we can also make use of the typical search tool represented by a magnifying glass.

  • Board: our user panel in which the application will recommend new movies and series according to what we've watched in the past and from where we'll be able to resume the playback of unfinished episodes and films.
  • Discover: it's the most traditional panel on which we can discover new content sorted by movies, series, and YouTube channels, that we can organize by genres, ratings or simply according to what's trendy at that moment.
  • Library: basically our library panel to which we can add any content we wish to follow to find out about updates regarding the latter, such as the release of new episodes of our favorite series.

By tapping the cover of each content, we'll have access to its technical data and a short synopsis, as well as being able to watch the official trailer on YouTube before deciding whether to go for the whole movie. All the contents are in English, although we can change the language of the interface, but you won't find it hard to add subtitles if you're not fluent in Shakespeare's mother tongue.

Access to the contents is carried by means of add-ons. There are official ones such as those developed by Netflix or HBO, but if we're not too keen on paying, we can download unofficial extensions to be able to watch our favorite TV programs without paying a cent. And you won't have to consume the contents on the tiny screen of your iPhone, as the application is compatible with mirroring devices of the likes of Chromecast.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 9.2.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
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