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Spread your legs to succeed in Stretch Legs, a fast-paced mobile casual game for Android where players have to use their legs to jump and climb towers


Climb towers with the strength of your legs

December 5, 2022
6 / 10

The Casual Azur Games studio stands out for its refreshing, innovative, and crazy proposals. Of course, this title has all of these characteristics. Control a gymnast who climbs towers by holding on with his legs. And not in any old way, but by spreading his legs between two walls. It's nuts, but wonderfully nuts.

Flexibility, strength, and power

Stretch Legs is a delirious 3D casual game in which you must use the strength of your characters' legs to climb towers. To do this, they open their legs to be able to hold on between the walls between jumps. And yes, the proposal is as crazy as it sounds.

Imagine you have the strongest legs in the world, you spread your legs like nobody else, and your greatest desire is to climb the highest tower in the universe.

The game mechanics are so simple that you can play with one finger. Your gymnast will wait patiently with his legs open between two walls. You must slide the character down to propel him upwards, as if it were a slingshot.

When you release your finger, the gymnast will be launched upwards. You will have to click the screen again when he starts to fall so that he opens his legs and gets caught between the walls. However, it is very important to choose the right place to stop, since you must avoid the traps and try to fall on the targets to get more points.

Spread your legs, stretch, and jump to the top of the building!

The controls are simple, the graphics are quite nice, it offers funny animations, there are several characters to unlock and it has a good gameplay. If you want to spend a fun and entertaining time without much hussle and with lots of laughs, go ahead and download the free APK file.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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