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In Tank Stars for Android phones and tablets, you have to wipe out your enemy before he does the same to you in an exciting exchange of turn-based shots

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The formula behind Tank Stars is far from new or original. But who cares? Games that place us up against our enemy, taking it in turns to shoot and having to calculate the trajectory of our shots and our firepower to kill him are always fun and exciting.

Great interesting graphics

As we already mentioned, your mission is to shoot at your enemy and kill him before he manages to wipe you out. For such purpose, you'll have to calculate the trajectory of your shot and shoot at your rival. You'll start off with a humble M1 Abrams but you'll gradually be able to improve both your tank and its weapons... you can even launch atomic bombs. Your goal is to not run your health bar down to zero before your enemy does so.

A tank-based Bowmasters.

Don't wait any longer to download the APK of Tank Stars to make the most of these and other features:

  • Earn rewards and improve both your tanks and your weapons.
  • Online combats against your friends or players from anywhere around the world.
  • Great visual effects and fun scenarios.

Download this casual action game right now to remain glued to your screen for hours on end putting your aim to the test.

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Antony Peel
Antony Peel
3 months ago
108.9 MB

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