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1.1.0 Tiger Accelerator, which is also known as Tiger VPN, provides us with an anonymous and fast connection through proxy servers distributed around the world
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By channeling your Internet connection through a proxy server you can obtain different advantages, such as anonymity in browsing or protection for the data you send and receive thanks to its encryption. This is exactly what Tiger Accelerator offers, a VPN connection so that you can connect to the Internet more securely.

Tiger VPN, the fastest servers

The developers of the app guarantee maximum browsing speed through a VPN with a selection of high-performance servers that mitigate the effect of the lag inherent in connecting to a proxy server. The user can connect to the fastest server offered by the app or, if preferred, manually choose the one that suits him/her best.

There are several reasons for using VPN, among which the following three stand out:

  • It masks your IP with a fictitious one so that when you visit a website or connect to an online service your real identity is protected.
  • Encrypt all your data and protect it against any interception.
  • Avoid blocking online content based on geographic criteria due to copyright restrictions or political censorship.

The app offers more than 300 locations worldwide and can be used free of charge and without limitations.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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