Tobe's Vertical Adventure

Tobe's Vertical Adventure is a great platform game similar to the classics. Download Tobe's Vertical Adventure and enjoy a great game on your computer


Help Tobe to keep with his loved one

January 31, 2012
6 / 10

Classic style platform adventures are popular once again thanks to titles like Tobe's Vertical Adventure. This great game doesn't use the latest graphics, but it offers a playability that is beyond any doubt.

The Story

In Tobe's Vertical Adventure you will have to take on the role of a hardcore gamer, that will do everything that is necessary for his loved one, Nana, even if it means going on a treasure hunt while leaving behind his game console. Taking the control of Tobe, you will have to complete a full series of platform levels in which you will have to find a series of objects.

As well as the two main characters, Tobe and Nana, each with their own story, you will be helped during your adventure by a wide range of hairy creatures that you will have to collect. On the other hand, in Tobe's Vertical Adventure you will be able to play in cooperative mode, in which each of the players will take on the role of one of the main characters.

Enjoy a game based on the classics of this genre.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy a game just like the classic ones, download Tobe's Vertical Adventure.

Requirements and additional information:

  • It is necessary to have Steam and to have an account in that service to play.
  • The demo only allows you to play part of the game.
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