Totem Tribe


Totem Tribe is a game in which you have to solve problems and create your own strategies. Download Totem Tribe and help your civilization to survive


Help Aruku to guide the Hawk tribe

January 27, 2010
7 / 10

Totem tribe is one of those titles that combine puzzle solving with real-time strategy, in which we have to make sure that a civilization (in this case the Hawk tribe) survives and evolves, thanks to the decisions that we take.

Strategy game in which we have to save the entire civilization

The game will start on a small island of the Tepala archipelago, where a war between tribes has started, after the "Age of the Comet" has come. We have to gradually expand our civilization while we defend our territory, and simultaneously search the islands looking for magic objects, that will help us to thrive and will grant us certain powers.

It is up to us to build the necessary buildings, attack other tribes in the area or simply explore the map.

The leader of the Hawks, Aruku, will help us at the beginning of the game by means of a tutorial, thanks to which we will learn each and every one of the actions that we can perform.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo of Totem Tribe will allow us to enjoy the game for one hour without interruptions.
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