Turbo Stickman Ragdoll Playground Android

Turbo Stickman Ragdoll Playground is a "ragdoll" physics game in which we will be able to manipulate and mistreat a ragdoll in all sorts of different ways

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As a de-stressing sandbox pastime, this Turbo Stickman Ragdoll Playground is a game in which we will be able to do all sorts of unimaginable mischief to a ragdoll-like physics-responsive muppet.

Previously known as Untitled Ragdoll Game

No matter what you call it, the point is that you can entertain yourself by dragging the doll with your finger to throw it through the air or into the fire with as much energy as you want. You'll also have a range of objects at your disposal to give him what he deserves: bombs, knives, machine guns... even cars to run them over with. On the left and right you'll find two bars to scroll through, allowing you to choose the game options and the weapons and objects to use at all times. Explore them well and discover all the possibilities it offers.

It also has a certain amount of creativity, as you can use elements to build vehicles or build more or less complex constructions that have the purpose of getting incarnated with the dolls. You set the level of creativity and sadism that makes it go from a casual game to one with more content.

Requirements and additional information:
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
JoyJet Games
3 months ago
67.3 MB

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