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Twisty Road! is a rather difficult casual game for Android smartphones in which the player must try to take a ball along twisty and winding downhill path

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Ok, we agree that there must be certain video games that are all about being difficult and that certain developers put in a lot of effort to prevent players from getting past the first level but games of the likes of Twisty Road! can definitely make you run out of patience.

A casual game with simple graphics and great difficulty

This casual game developed by VOODOO shows us a tiny white ball and a downhill slope with loads of curves. Our target is to drive the ball along a path without letting it fall off the sides and breaking all the sheets of glass that we come across to add more points to our score. Furthermore, it allows us to take off-track shortcuts provided that the ball isn't falling free for too much time before landing on the path again. It sounds easy but it definitely isn't. You might even find it hard to score more than 4 points in each game. That's even less than the famous TrapAdventure 2 known for its extreme difficulty.

Mange to take the ball as far as possible along the winding road.

Leaving the difficulty aside, this game includes all the classic elements of this kind of title. To try to glue the user to the screen, it includes elements to be unlocked by means of challenges, such as different balls and colors for our paths. Furthermore, it allows us to resume the game if we watch an advert video in exchange.

Finally, although it's a game that can be downloaded for free, it includes an in-app purchase of €2.99 that allows us to remove all the adverts from the APK. If you like the game, it could be an interesting option since the number of adverts included can be a bit over the top.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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