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WebMail for Thunderbird is an add-on for the Thunderbird email client capable of managing your emails for webmail services like Hotmail and similar services

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WebMail for Thunderbird is probably the most interesting add-on for the email client by Mozilla. Thanks to the latter, we will be able to have access from our desktop to the emails that we send and receive using webmail services.

Thunderbird extension for your webmail

Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail, Libero,... are only some of the services that can be configured by means of WebMail for Thunderbird and that allow a perfect synchronization in what regards to sending and receiving. What's more, it is possible to use the regional or special domains of each service, because, for example, Hotmail allows us to configure the .com and .co.uk domains and even to change “hotmail” for “msn”.

Thanks to add-ons like this, Thunderbird can become one of the most versatile email clients, because once we synchronize our inbound and outbound trays with the webmail services, the latter will gain in functionality. With WebMail for Thunderbird you'll be able to create backups, carry out thorough antivirus analyses or even apply your own antispam and message organization rules.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires Mozilla Thunderbird.
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