Wild Metal

Rockstar Games offers you Wild Metal for free, a video game that combines strategy and action on board a tank. Download Wild Metal to your PC for free


Manage to eliminate the rebel machines on board your tank

November 18, 2010
7 / 10

Wild Metal is a game that mixes strategy and action and places you in control of a futuristic tank, with which you'll have to protect the human race from an attack by a group of rebel machines from the Theric system, that wants to take full control of the galaxy.

The game controls are very original for this kind of title, offering users several ways to overcome all the challenges that they will face during the game.

Strategy game belonging to the Rockstar Classics series

Due to the game's age, the graphics can't be compared to modern games, but despite the latter, the animations and the design of both the machines as well as the scenarios are really appealing.

As well as the campaign mode in which you will have preset objectives, the game also has a multiplayer mode in which you will fight in open spaces with the sole objective of ending up being the last one standing.

Download Wild Metal and rediscover a very dynamic and entertaining action game with some touches of strategy.

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