Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a multiplayer FPS that takes place during World War II. Download Wolfenstein Enemy Territory for free and kill your enemies


Free FPS based on the Second World War

October 18, 2012
7 / 10

Take part in World War II! In Wolfenstein Enemy Territory you will be able to take part in combats between players from all over the planet.

Win or lose with your comrades.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is an online first person multiplayer war game. Set in World War II, you will have to complete your missions and destroy the enemy forces with the help of your allies.


  • Free online FPS based on World War II.
  • 2 factions: the Allies (Americans, British and French) vs the Axis (Germans, Italians and Japanese).
  • Choose between 5 different characters, each with his own skills, and make him evolve with each encounter: soldiers, medics, engineers...
  • Up to 32 players.Create your own team of players to complete the missions by cooperating.
  • Uses a variant of the Quake III: Team Arena graphical engine.
  • Includes its own messaging system for team communication.
  • Several game modes available.
  • Many different weapons available.

The game only has multiplayer modes. You'll have to help your group cooperate if you want your team to be successful. Take advantage of the different skills of your allies to move around the large battle scenarios.

Open-source available for everyone

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory was launched as an extension to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but before long, it was launched as an independent game. And not much later, to the gamers' satisfaction, the game code was released, making it much easier to develop MODs.

Download Wolfenstein Enemy Territory for free, choose your faction and fight in World War II.

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