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Would you like to know how good you are at woodworking? Show off all your creativity by carving different pieces of wood and painting them in Woodcraft

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Would you like to play a relaxing and fun game that stimulates your creativity? This title from No Powerup Studios gives us the opportunity to work (digitally) with wood to create beautiful pieces and sell them at a good price.

The mechanics of Woodcraft are always the same. We will have to start each order by carving a piece of natural wood, removing the bark. To do this, we only need to run our finger over the entire surface. Then, we will have to cut the piece. There is no mystery about this, because all we have to do is press our finger on the screen and the tool will move on its own.

The next step is the most creative: the moment to paint. A series of templates will be automatically placed on the piece and we will have to paint them choosing among our color sprays.

Once we are happy with the result, we will move on to sell the piece. Three customers will make three offers in turns. We can accept or reject them depending on the money they offer us, although the last one may be the least generous. If we have reached the last offer and we want to go for the highest one, we will have to see an advertisement. And if there's anything left over in this game, it's the ads.

Grind, carve and paint your art on wood!

Play with the tools

With the money we get from the sales of our products we will be able to buy new paint packages with different colors. In addition, we can also invest in unlocking new tools at random (although we can also do this by watching videos). In this way, we will have access to new sanders, drills and paint cans, although the only difference is their external design.

Requirements and additional information:
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
No Powerup Studios
6 months ago
38.3 MB

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