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Download World of Goo for Linux, a revolutionary game that mixes puzzles and logic. Save the balls creating flexible structures made of goo in World of Goo

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If you like logic games, you'll love World of Goo, a Linux game that has the honor of having received prizes due to its innovating concepts and great music and graphic setting.

Brilliant and ridiculously entertaining.

In World of Goo the objective is to recover small balls of goo that are extremely elastic and sticky, thus allowing them to merge, creating complex structures that follow the laws of physics. Only your intelligence and skill with the mouse will allow you to move the constructions to avoid the obstacles that you will encounter.


  • Logic and building game.
  • Act according to the laws of physics to save the balls.
  • 48 different levels divided into 6 chapters, each one of which is original and unique.
  • Obtain as many points as possible during your attempt of rescue.

A revolutionary concept

Download World of Goo for free and enjoy one of the best puzzle games launched in the last few years. Graphics that meet the game's requirements without fault, together with a sensational soundtrack and effect collection make this game one that you shouldn't miss.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The demo only allows you to play the first level of the game.
  • You can swap languages by changing the value on the line param name="language", by means of editing the contents of the "config.txt" file.
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