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WOT Internet Explorer is a plug-in that allows to know if the web sites that you visit are dangerous or secure. Download WOT Internet Explorer for free


Discover if a website is dangerous with this plug-in

September 12, 2013
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WOT Internet Explorer is a plug-in for the Microsoft browser with which you can quickly discover if a network can be dangerous or not for your system, due to the fact that the utility has a system analysis and a database capable of detecting any irregularity and letting you know by means of a series of appealing icons.

Protect your browsing experience with this plug-in

The name of the plug-in, WOT, means Web Of Trust and uses four different things to value the quality of a portal: confidence, reliability of the provider, privacy and security for children.

It will install an icon beside the address bar that by means of its color (green for the secure websites, yellow for the doubtful ones and red for those that are dangerous) will indicate the danger level of each site, even though it also offers the possibility to break down the information and check which are the weak spots of each portal.

If you usually use the Microsoft web browser to search for information, buy or communicate on the Internet and you want to use a plug-in that helps you to know how dangerous it can be for you to access a site, install WOT Internet Explorer as soon as possible.

Requirements and additional information:

  • It is necessary to have Internet Explorer 6 or above.
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