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X-Moto is a motorbike racing game that you can download for free in which physics plays an essential role to be able to cross the finish line in one piece


2D motorbike game in which physics plays an important role

April 18, 2024
6 / 10

Despite not being the best motorbike game, X-Moto can be considered amusing and challenging. And furthermore, it can be downloaded totally free of charge. It vaguely reminds us of other similar titles of the likes of Hill Climb Racing due to its gameplay as the laws of physics play an important role: inertia and gravity can take you to the ground and finish your race earlier than expected. You'll to be gentle on the controls to make sure you don't lose your balance.

A motorbike game that won't go down in history

Apart from that, we're talking about a game with hundreds of different levels in which our goal is to collect as many strawberries as possible to be able to complete each one of them. Therefore, this game is more like a platformer than a racing title.

In any case, it won't go down in gaming history as one of the best motorbike video games, that's for sure. Its graphics could do with an improvement and if you decide to download it that's probably because it's free. However, you won't play too much, we can warn you now that its difficulty combined with its above-mentioned graphics make it rather exasperating.

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