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Download YouTube to MP3 for Firefox and you can download the audio from any video. YouTube to MP3 integrates the download option into YouTube's interface


Add the option to download music to YouTube

May 22, 2013
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YouTube is one of most visited websites every day, with its music videos being one of its greatest claims. Anyone of us may like the music contained in those videos, and now there is a simple way of getting hold of it. You only have to make use of YouTube to MP3, an add-on for Firefox that will help us to download our favorite song in a matter of seconds.

Download the audio from any video in only a few steps

The YouTube to MP3 plug-in works on the browser adding two small buttons to the web's interface, the function of which is to enable the download of audio in ordinary quality and also a high definition version of the latter. The speed varies between both options, as the download is faster if we choose the ordinary audio quality and slower if we choose high definition.

The download of audio from videos as yet another option.


  • Download audio from YouTube videos.
  • Integration into the YouTube interface.
  • Possibility to download audio in a high quality version.

Your computer won't cope with that workload

When we select the audio download from any video, we will be directed to the web that supports the add-on in a new tab, from where our petition will be processed and the file will be downloaded.

Downloading YouTube to MP3 is a very comfortable option to enjoy the sound of your favorite YouTube videos wherever you want.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires Firefox.
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