The BEST YOUTUBE Tricks: the essential tips for videos on Android

As users, we spend hours on end in front of YouTube watching videos. It has become the favorite hobby of many users, especially the youngest ones, and its channels offer us contents of a unique variety. We could almost say that if it’s not on YouTube it probably doesn’t exist. Under these circumstances, knowing how to use this platform is almost a most. Although it was initially a web, nowadays YouTube is much more than that and it’s accessible from smartphones, tablets, and television sets, modifying how we consume entertainment in a manner never seen before and increasing all the options available.

The platform was created back in 2005 by three ex PayPal workers and only a few months later it was purchased by Google, who still owns it, after paying 1.65 billion dollars. The initial idea was to allow users to share their own videos but companies and institutions soon considered it as a great communication channel with their customers on which they could promote their products. And from the precise moment YouTube was born, there has always been a piracy problem relative to the upload copyright-protected contents.

Nowadays it’s much more than a video website, it’s a huge community that brings together millions of people from all over the world and where can find almost anything on video, whether for work or just as leisure. News and hot topics, music videos, sports, professional tutorials… All the latter, just one click away on our phone.

Whether you’re simply a video consumer or a youtuber, which is the name given to the people that create channels and upload videos to share them with other users, you should get to know how this platform works. From creating your own account using your Google credentials to creating your own channel or your own playlists. We’ll show you all the tricks to use this player, showing you which video formats and aspect ratios it works with or how to modify the video playback, which youtubers are the most popular so you can follow their adventures and mishaps, how to share videos with your friends or how to watch videos without leaving any traces of your activity.

Everything you could possibly need to know about YouTube and how it works online or through apps so that you never have to resort to the boring old classic TV. The best tips and tricks about YouTube are now within your reach so you can concentrate on only one thing: enjoying the best videos on the Internet.

How to turn off autoplay on YouTube videos

When you play a video in the YouTube app for Android and the video ends, another one plays automatically after. That’s the default behavior of the application, in other words, the automatic playback of videos on YouTube is a native function. If you want to stop that from happening, you have to follow these simple steps.


How to watch HD videos in YouTube only on WiFi

YouTube offers us videos in HD quality, however, playing them consumes plenty of data on our mobile plan. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to only watch these videos on a stable and unlimited WiFi connection. To do so, we have to follow these simple steps:


How to hide videos from your subscriptions on YouTube

Hiding any video that appears on your subscription feed on YouTube is really easy. You only have to follow these steps:


How to change the video quality in YouTube

To change the video quality of any content played on YouTube, you have to follow these steps:


How to block a user on YouTube

Thanks to the option to block users on YouTube, you can stop viewing their contents and create your own customized filter. To do so, simply follow these steps:


How to change the content's country on YouTube

To be able to change the country of the contents you view on YouTube, you have to go to the settings of your account on this site. That’s only possible if you’re logged into your Google account. You have to follow these steps from the Android app:


How to change the playback speed in YouTube

The videos hosted on YouTube can be watched faster or slower as well as at their original speed both on the mobile app and on the web. To change that speed in the Android application, we have to follow these steps:


How to limit the mobile data usage in YouTube

To be able to limit the usage of mobile data on YouTube for Android, you have to carry out the following process:


How to skip long adverts on YouTube

We’re sorry to have to disappoint you but there’s no such thing as being able to skip the adverts embedded in the videos from the official YouTube application. This possibility was rejected by the developers of the application in September 2018 with the intention to let the platform’s content creators increase their income by means of forcing users to watch the full adverts and getting them to click on them. Those embedded adverts are displayed depending on several factors such as the type of content the user intends to view or how the user landed on the video in question. These adverts have a cost per thousand impressions (the so-called CPM) that is much higher than the rest of advert formats that you can find on this platform.


How to customize the seconds we want to skip ahead or go back on YouTube

YouTube allows all its users to quickly skip ahead or go back in its videos by double tapping the screen whilst playing a video on Android. To configure the number of seconds that we can advance or retreat, we only have to carry out the following step-by-step actions:


How to enable the restricted mode in YouTube

To be able to enable the restricted mode in the YouTube application for Android smartphones and tablets, we simply have to follow these steps:


How to disable videos in the background in YouTube for Android

Before we go further into detail, you should know that the official YouTube app for Android doesn’t offer us a function to play videos in the background whilst we carry out other activities on our device. Nevertheless, it does offer us the possibility to play videos in the background whilst we remain in the application. So, if you simply want to stop this function, there are two different ways to do so:


How to turn on the incognito mode in YouTube for Android

Turning on the incognito mode in YouTube for Android is very easy. Simply follow these steps:


How to turn on the dark mode in YouTube for Android

If you were wondering how to turn on the much awaited Dark Mode on YouTube for Android, we’re sorry to say that this function is still not officially available so you’re not going to be able to do so yet. Unless you’ve rooted your smartphone. In that case, if you’ve got super user permissions, you can follow these steps to enable this mode:


How to uninstall YouTube from Android

To be able to uninstall YouTube from Android we need to have super user permissions or, in other words, root our device. There are certain devices that are rooted by default (although there aren’t too many) but you’ll probably have to figure out all by yourself how to root it following the usual procedures. That’s when you’ll be able to get rid of this application and all the rest of Google apps such as Chrome, Hangouts or Drive. The rest of bloatware that isn’t developed by Google can usually be uninstalled depending on its developer and the device we use (it’s also hard to remove Samsung’s own apps from their devices).


How to delete YouTube's history on Android

To be able to delete our YouTube history on Android, there’s a way of doing so through YouTube’s settings menu:


How to send a YouTube video through WhatsApp on Android

The official YouTube application for Android offers us how to share videos on chat and instant messaging applications of the likes of WhatsApp Messenger. To carry out this action, we simply have to do the following during the playback:


December 05, 2018