The BEST YOUTUBE Tricks: the essential tips for videos on Android

YouTube is a video-on-demand service that lets any registered user upload their own content. The platform was created in 2005 by three former PayPal employees. Google soon realized its potential, and just a few months after its creation, acquired it for $1.65 billion.

Over the years, the service has continued to evolve. In the beginning, it was just hosting home videos. However, the spectacular usage statistics have made both small and large brands look at YouTube and see it as an appropriate place to advertise. In fact, it is the advertising business that has brought so many economic benefits to YouTube, and therefore, to Google.

The content we can find on YouTube is diverse. We have home videos, video clips, music, live shows, podcasts, video blogs, and even movies and series. Besides, conventional media are constantly uploading content, so it is also a good place to get information or watch shows on demand. In many cases, the content uploaded to YouTube is created by non-professional users. However, we can also find videos created by high-level studios or production companies.

In the following articles, we will explain various aspects of the YouTube app for Android that will help you customize your experience. For example, you will learn how to limit the use of mobile data, how to restrict HD videos to Wi-Fi, or how to prevent adult content from appearing. We also tell you the process for blocking a user, what you should do to improve privacy, and more.

Start enjoying one of the best video-on-demand services, discover the vast universe of YouTube, and master its official Android app. Everything, without leaving Malavida. Let's start!

How to customize the seconds we want to skip ahead or go back on YouTube

When using YouTube, there may be times when we are only interested in a particular part of the video we are watching. To make it easier to move forward and backward during the playback, YouTube offers a handy feature. By tapping twice on the left or right side of the video, we can navigate through the timeline. Thanks to this gesture, it is much easier and more precise to jump forward or rewind certain fragments of content.


How to skip long adverts on YouTube

YouTube is an Internet giant that makes its profits mainly from the sale of advertising space. Many of the ads we watch within the official application are discreet and do not appear to be advertising.


How to limit the mobile data usage in YouTube

Streaming video is one of the most data-consuming activities. This is because a video file is usually heavy, even occupying several gigabytes. Also, for some years now, a very high percentage of the content uploaded to YouTube is featured in high definition. This increases the size of the file even more.


How to hide videos from your subscriptions on YouTube

The YouTube subscription section shows the videos of those channels that we are subscribed to. Thanks to this section, we can quickly check what their latest contents are. The view is displayed in chronological order and does not contain recommendations, as in the rest of the application. Therefore, we can safely say that it is a completely customized section.


How to watch HD videos in YouTube only on WiFi

The vast majority of offers that include mobile data remain limited. Even sometimes, when you reach the limit contracted with the operator, you must pay an extra amount to continue surfing the Internet. Some applications and services, such as YouTube, consume lots of data, and this may cause us to reach the limit of our plan sooner.


How to turn off the YouTube Autoplay function on Android

YouTube, in its Android app version, has an uninterrupted playback feature that plays one video after another without stopping. This feature called Autoplay, enabled by default, automatically plays the next video on the list. Therefore, if the user does not intervene, the content is played indefinitely. This feature can be useful if you are listening to music and want to play one song after another or to watch videos of related content. However, in other cases, for example, when we want to play videos individually, it can be annoying.


How to change the video quality in YouTube

YouTube is a streaming video service that offers a maximum resolution of 4K. Depending on the stability and speed of our connection, some content is played in lower resolutions. In this way, the display stability is prioritized over the quality of the video. Both in the official Android application and on the web, the company lets us manually adjust the quality we want to watch a video in.


How to block a user on YouTube

YouTube lets you block other users if you wish. Once we have blocked someone, the person will not be able to comment on the videos we upload or view our content. Before blocking a user, you should be aware that these restrictions are bi-directional. Therefore, you will also no longer have access to that user's channel. YouTube will not let you comment on the user's videos either. It is a measure that aims to safeguard the privacy of users and avoid confrontation.


How to change the playback speed in YouTube

The official YouTube application is loaded with small features that can be very useful for us. One of them is the speed selector. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to play a video in half the time. We can also double its duration by slowing it down.


How to change the content's country on YouTube

YouTube has an excellent recommendation system that adjusts to our tastes and interests to show us more attractive content. One of the variables of this feature is location. The content shown on the home screen varies depending on where we are.


How to enable the restricted mode in YouTube

YouTube's restricted mode offers us the ability to hide adult content. This setting is optional and is not activated by default. The company considers several factors when tagging a video in this way. For example, the decision is influenced by the title, description, metadata, user feedback, and age restrictions applied by the content creators.


How to send a YouTube video through WhatsApp on Android

Social networks and messaging applications let us share all kinds of content with our friends and family. WhatsApp, being one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, lets you send pictures, animations, stickers, contacts, and videos. It is also fully integrated with YouTube and lets you share and watch your videos directly from the conversations.


How to delete YouTube's history on Android

Google records all of our YouTube activity. This record has at least two objectives. First, let us easily retrieve content that we have watched in the past. On the other hand, thanks to the history of YouTube, the company can offer us customized advertising and recommendations suited to our interests.


How to uninstall YouTube from Android

YouTube is an application that comes pre-installed on all Android devices because it belongs to Google. Many of the applications that come by default on our device can be removed completely. However, YouTube is not one of them.


How to turn on the incognito mode in YouTube for Android

YouTube has a private or incognito mode that prevents our activity from being registered or recorded, similar to what many web browsers like Google Chrome have. Also, when the application is running under this mode, all custom content that is related to our interests is removed. Therefore, the incognito mode can also be considered as a kind of guest account or a temporary logout.


How to turn on the dark mode in YouTube for Android

The dark mode has become popular in recent times. This is partly due to the massive introduction of OLED technology into smartphone displays. In this type of display, pure black tones are ideal for saving battery power. Also, a dark theme is very practical when using our phone in dark areas or at night. Google applications have gradually adapted to this trend, and YouTube was not going to be left behind.


How to disable videos in the background in YouTube for Android

Background playback is a feature present in some applications that prevents a video or song from stopping even after it is closed. In its free version, YouTube does not let you continue listening to a video after closing the application. However, by default, it does let you play it in the background within the application. This way, by sliding a video down or backward, the video continues to play at the bottom of the screen.


July 16, 2020. Translated by Manuel Sánchez