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By downloading ZMap you can scan large networks at the speed of an Ethernet connection. ZMap is perfect to get to know the security status of a network

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Scanning large networks with the usual tools used to audit issues relative to security can be very slow. Nevertheless, ZMap is capable of reaching a speed similar to an Ethernet connection that would allow us to scan the Internet in less than an hour.

Find out how a network works, regardless of its size

ZMap is capable of scanning and monitoring the total space of IPv4 addresses in less than an hour with a high quality connection, unlike other applications that would use so much time that it would be useless. Its main function is to know the status of a network, mainly focusing on its security and functioning aspects in all situations. With ZMap it would be possible to know the amount of sites that use the HTTPS security protocol, know which sites have security failures or find out how many nodes of the Tor network are working.

ZMap is the perfect tool to get to know a network's health.


  • IP scanning tool for large networks.
  • Speed similar to an Ethernet connection at full throttle.
  • Works under the IPv4 protocol.
  • Configure the intensity level of the scanning functions.

Download ZMap and get to know the status of any network regardless of its size.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires the installation of certain libraries.
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