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Zoo: Happy Animals is a game where you will have to look after the animals in a zoo by feeding them and taking care of all their needs at all times

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If you like taking care of animals, in Zoo: Happy Animals you will be able to do just that, and many of them are exotic. In this casual game, we will be in charge of their care and welfare, feeding them, cleaning them, and separating those that can't be together.

You are in charge of the zoo

Here you will be in charge of a zoo and will have to look after a wide variety of animals: lions, crocodiles, alpacas, elephants, monkeys... you will have to feed them, in some cases with great care, clean them when necessary, keep predators and prey apart, and even play with them.

This is a casual game that is a compilation of mini-games where in some cases our virtual physical safety will be in danger and in others we will simply experience a bit of ASMR. Game control is very easy since we can carry out all the actions with just one finger and the graphics accompany the game very nicely thanks to a simple design with pretty fun animations that we can enjoy in some of the scenarios that will arise (such as having your arm eaten by the crocodile).

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
SayGames Ltd
3 months ago
105 MB

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