Personal Info Managers and Calendars for iPhone

Organize contacts and remember important dates of appointments, events or anniversaries with these personal info manager and calendar apps for iPhone

NumberBook Social 1.1.8 English

NumberBook Social 1.1.8

Have a phone book on your iPhone

Download NumberBook
Peek Calendar 1.1.4 English

Peek Calendar 1.1.4

A minimalistic and simple calendar

Download Peek Calendar
Things 3.0.3 English

Things 3.0.3

An outstanding task manager

Download Things
Clear 1.6 English

Clear 1.6

Put all your tasks in order

Download Clear
MyCalendar 3.01 English

MyCalendar 3.01

Don't forget any important date

Download MyCalendar
Agenda Calendar 4.2 English

Agenda Calendar 4.2

Practical organiser for iPhone that includes a calendar

Download Agenda Calendar
Remember The Milk 3.0.5 English

Remember The Milk 3.0.5

A task manager to not forget about anything

Download Remember The Milk
MyDaylife 3.0.4 English

MyDaylife 3.0.4

Multimedia personal diary for your daily routine

Download MyDaylife
Contacts Duster 5.8 English

Contacts Duster 5.8

App to clean your contact list

Download Contacts Duster
DOOO 2.1.9 English

DOOO 2.1.9

The easiest and quickest way to organize ideas

Download DOOO
Library Hunter 2.1.1 English

Library Hunter 2.1.1

Practical cataloger for iPhone

Download Library Hunter
Momento 3.3.1 English

Momento 3.3.1

New system to create your personal diary

Download Momento
Sunrise Calendar 2.0.3 English

Sunrise Calendar 3.07

The most complete calendar

Download Sunrise Calendar
Fantastical 2.6.3 English

Fantastical 2.6.3

The calendar app that sells the most

Download Fantastical
Week Calendar 9.3 English

Week Calendar 9.3

The best iPhone calendar

Download Week Calendar
MyLifeOrganized 4.4.5 English

MyLifeOrganized 3 3.1.2

Efficient task organizer

Download MyLifeOrganized 3
Google Calendar 2.12 English

Google Calendar 2.12

Gmail's calendar on your iPhone

Download Google Calendar To-do list & Calendar 4.15.2 English To-do list & Calendar 4.15.2

A complete task manager for iPhone

Download To-do list & Calendar