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Aptoide is the best alternative to Google Play, an Android app store where you'll be able to find millions of apps and games completely free of charge

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How to uninstall Aptoide

There are several different methods to uninstall Aptoide from our mobile device, each one of which is easier than the previous. Therefore, we’re now going to explain the two methods that we consider the easiest and fastest ones, and that any user can carry out:

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How to download Aptoide

To start the download from Malavida, you only have to follow these simple steps described below and in hardly a few seconds you’ll have the app downloaded to your smartphone or tablet:

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Is Aptoide safe?

Regarding the security of this application, we can find all sorts of different opinions. In the first place, its developers obviously guarantee that Aptoide is safe. But, of course, what else could they say? Nevertheless, if we take a look around other user opinions that we can find on the Internet, we can find comments saying totally the opposite. Let’s see what they say about this app.

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