Benchmarks for Windows

Measure the performance of your PC and get to know up to the slightest detail about each one of its components by downloading these benchmarks for Windows

Nero InfoTool 11 English

Nero InfoTool 11

Light tool to analyze your computer's hardware and software

Download Nero InfoTool
Rizone Beep Codes Viewer English

Rizone Beep Codes Viewer

Discover what the beeps of your CPU mean

Download Rizone Beep Codes Viewer
Belarc Advisor English

Belarc Advisor

Builds a detailed profile of software and hardware installed on your PC

Download Belarc Advisor
NovaBench 3.0.4 English

NovaBench 3.0.4

Test your computer and get to know its performance

Download NovaBench
Fresh Diagnose 8.66 English

Fresh Diagnose 8.66

Keep your computer under control to improve its performance

Download Fresh Diagnose
GPU-Z 2.3.0 English

GPU-Z 2.3.0

The best way to find out graphic card's components

Download GPU-Z
Resident Evil 5 Benchmark 1.0 English

Resident Evil 5 Benchmark 1.0

Find out if your computer can cope with Resident Evil 5

Download Resident Evil 5
Infinity Lagger 1.0.0 Alpha English

Infinity Lagger 1.0.0 Alpha

Calculate the amount of operations per second of your processor

Download Infinity Lagger
BurnInTest 7.1 Pro English

BurnInTest 7.1 Pro

Burn-in test program

Download BurnInTest
O&O SpeedCheck English

O&O SpeedCheck

Analyze the speed of your computer

Download O&O SpeedCheck
Nassau 1.09 English

Nassau 1.09

Find out computer data with a single glance

Download Nassau
Intel Desktop Utilities English

Intel Desktop Utilities

Check the status of your motherboard's components

Download Intel Desktop Utilities
Resident Evil 6 Benchmark English

Resident Evil 6 Benchmark

Test your PC with the new instalment of Resident Evil

Download Resident Evil 6 Benchmark
Everest Ultimate 5.50.2100 English

Everest Ultimate 5.50.2100

Get to know your computer to optimize it

Download Everest Ultimate
3DMark 2.2.3491 English

3DMark 2.2.3491

The ultimate benchmark for your computer

Download 3DMark
PCMark 8 Basic Edition 2.7.613 English

PCMark 8 Basic Edition 2.7.613

The most popular benchmark program

Download PCMark
AquaMark 3 English

AquaMark 3

Put your PC's power to the test before installing a game

Download AquaMark
SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2016 22.10 English

SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2016 22.10

Excellent tool to carry out computer diagnostics

Download SiSoftware Sandra
Central Brain Identifier build 1228 English

Central Brain Identifier build 1228

Diagnostic tool designed to identify any AMD processor

Download Central Brain Identifier
3DMark Vantage 1.1.2 English

3DMark Vantage 1.1.2

Test the performance of your graphics card with this popular software

Download 3DMark Vantage
PC Wizard 2014 2.13 English

PC Wizard 2014 2.13

Get hold of all the relevant information about your computer

Download PC Wizard
GPU Caps Viewer 1.18.1 English

GPU Caps Viewer 1.18.1

Check the performance of your graphic card

Download GPU Caps Viewer
Speccy 1.31.732 English

Speccy 1.31.732

Compile the information of the hardware installed on your computer

Download Speccy
DiskBench English


Test your hard drives real speed

Download DiskBench
BGInfo 4.22 English

BGInfo 4.22

Find out system information almost instantly

Download BGInfo
System Stability Tester 1.5.1 English

System Stability Tester 1.5.1

Check your system's stability

Download System Stability Tester
Auslogics Benchtown Beta English

Auslogics Benchtown Beta

Check the speed and performance of your computer

Download Auslogics Benchtown
Geekbench 3.3.2 English

Geekbench 3.3.2

Assess the performance of your multicore proccessor

Download Geekbench
Catzilla 1.2 English

Catzilla 1.2

Check the performance of your PC

Download Catzilla