Music Catalogers for Windows

Manage your entire music collection and library of songs and audio files by means of this selection of music catalogers available for Windows PCs

TuneUp Media English

TuneUp Media

Optimize the organization of your music collection with iTunes

Download TuneUp Media
MusicMatch Jukebox 10.0.0 English

MusicMatch Jukebox 10.0.0

A complete player and cataloger for your music

Download MusicMatch Jukebox
MP3 Tag Express 5.9 English

MP3 Tag Express 5.9

Tag correctly all the songs in your music collection

Download MP3 Tag Express
Jajuk 1.10.9 English

Jajuk 1.10.9

Complete music cataloger

Download Jajuk
Album Cover Finder Free 7.0.0 English

Album Cover Finder Free 7.0.0

Add covers to the albums stored in iTunes

Download Album Cover Finder
Jaikoz 8.0 English

Jaikoz 8.0

Excellent tag editor for audio files

Download Jaikoz
Media Tagger 1.3.5 English

Media Tagger 1.3.5

Edit the information of your MP3 tags

Download Media Tagger
123Tag 6.0.0 English

123Tag 6.0.0

Create and modify the tags of your MP3 files

Download 123Tag
AudioShell 2.3.5 English

AudioShell 2.3.5

Integrate a tag editor into the Windows Explorer

Download AudioShell
Tagalicious English


Edit the metadata of all your music

Download Tagalicious
Mp3tag 2.83 English

Mp3tag 2.83

Great tool to edit the metadata of audio files

Download Mp3tag
Tag Clinic English

Tag Clinic

Edit the metadata of your digital audio files

Download Tag Clinic
MSD Collections 3.0 English

MSD Collections 3.0

Organize all your movies, videos and books

Download MSD Collections
Magix Music Manager 2007 English

Magix Music Manager 2007

A comfortable way to manage your music collection

Download Magix Music Manager
TagRunner 2.1.6400.0 English

TagRunner 2.1.6400.0

Edit the tags of your songs very comfortably

Download TagRunner
Libra 2.1.9 English

Libra 2.1.9

Manage various libraries in iTunes at the same time

Download Libra
TagScanner 6.0.26 English

TagScanner 6.0.26

The quickest and easiest way to classify your music collection

Download TagScanner
Zortam MP3 Media Studio 22.45 English

Zortam MP3 Media Studio 22.45

Practical MP3 file organizer

Download Zortam MP3 Media Studio
beaTunes 4.6.8 English

beaTunes 4.6.8

Get hold of information about all your songs

Download beaTunes
meta-iPod 1.8 English

meta-iPod 1.8

Keep your iTunes library sorted

Download meta-iPod
Audio Comparer 1.6 English

Audio Comparer 1.6

Find duplicate songs or audio files on your PC very easily

Download Audio Comparer
MusicTuner 7.1 English

MusicTuner 7.1

Expand your music collection with this fantastic program

Download MusicTuner
MP3 Maker 15 English

MP3 Maker 15

One of the most complete music organizers

Download MP3 Maker
EasyTAG 2.1 English

EasyTAG 2.1

Easily tag your music collection

Download EasyTAG
Jaangle 0.98i English

Jaangle 0.98i

Organize your music library with innovating features

Download Jaangle
Librarian Pro 3.0.6 English

Librarian Pro 3.0.6

Catalog your books, music and films

Download Librarian
MyTunesRSS 4.3.8 English

MyTunesRSS 4.3.8

Listen to the iTunes music library anywhere in the world

Download MyTunesRSS
Mp3 Folder Structure Maker English

Mp3 Folder Structure Maker

Index the content of your MP3 music folders

Download Mp3 Folder Structure Maker
Musicnizer 4.3 English

Musicnizer 4.3

A very interesting music cataloger

Download Musicnizer
Musique 1.2 English

Musique 1.2

Enjoy your music in a different way

Download Musique
muso 1.5.29 English

muso 1.5.29

A database for music

Download muso
Melomania English


Create music collections with your albums

Download Melomania
Quod Libet 2.5 English

Quod Libet 2.5

Play, organize and tag all your music

Download Quod Libet
AudioExpert English


Music collection manager

Download AudioExpert
Music Collection English

Music Collection

Music collection organiser and manager

Download Music Collection
AudioGrail English


The Swiss knife for audio files

Download AudioGrail
Tune Sweeper 4.33 English

Tune Sweeper 4.33

Software to manage your iTunes library

Download Tune Sweeper