AppLock has a curious hiding system where the icon of the app takes a different appearance, such as a calculator, a compass, or an air meter. This way it goes completely unnoticed on your device. Once done, AppLock will hide behind this icon. To open the application in case it is hidden using this system, you have two options.

The first one is to locate any of the three fake icons mentioned above. Knowing what it looks like, it will be easy to identify it in the application box. Do not search for AppLock on your device because you will not see it.

Icons available to hide AppLockIcons available to hide AppLock

Your second option is to open the application from the browser you have installed, as it includes a function for this purpose. It is very simple, just enter the URL in your web browser. In this case, we have done it from Google Chrome.

Enter the URLEnter the URL

You will then see a hyperlink to follow, click on it.

Press on the linkPress on the link

The application will open automatically, enter the PIN or pattern to unlock it, and access its functions. Of course, you need to know it beforehand, otherwise, it is impossible to access the content.

Open AppLockOpen AppLock

As a reminder, to get it hidden, first, locate the application in your device's menu.

Locate AppLockLocate AppLock

Then, enter the pattern or unlock code to enable it.

Open the appOpen the app

Next, go to the Protect tab.

Select the Protect tabSelect the Protect tab

Once there, in the Magic section, you will see a selector that says Icon Camouflage. Select it.

In Magic, choose Icon camouflageIn Magic, choose Icon camouflage

Three potential fake apps will be listed here. Choose the one you want, we use a calculator as an example. Select Disguise as a calculator for example by scrolling the selector.

Choose a fake appChoose a fake app

Once done, confirm the selection.

Confirm the selection of the fake appConfirm the selection of the fake app

A message will appear confirming that the change was successful.

App configured successfullyApp configured successfully

Exit the application and return to the main menu, you will see that the AppLock icon is now that of a calculator.

AppLock’s aspect has changedAppLock’s aspect has changed

Now you know how to open AppLock if it is hidden on the device. However, remember that without the unlock pattern, it will be impossible to do anything else.