To uninstall AppLock, just follow the process you would perform with any other Android application. We remind you of them so that you can complete them if you wish to stop using the app.

Go to the main menu of your device and select Settings.

Settings menuSettings menu

Now, navigate to Apps.

Settings-Apps menuSettings-Apps menu

Search for AppLock and tap on the application.

Search for AppLockSearch for AppLock

Press Uninstall.

Select UninstallSelect Uninstall

Confirm the process with OK.

Confirm by pressing UninstallConfirm by pressing Uninstall

You can also perform this process from the Play Store, the app store, as a second alternative. To do so, follow these steps.

In the main menu of your device, tap on Play Store.

Choose the Play StoreChoose the Play Store

In the search box, enter the name of the application and tap on it.

Search for our appSearch for our app

Select the Uninstall option and the uninstall will be done.

Confirm the uninstallationConfirm the uninstallation

However, AppLock lets you block access to Settings and the Play Store on your device. If this is your case, either of the above 2 options would be hindered because you would have to do the uninstallation through the app. To complete it, do the following.

Access AppLock and enter the unlock code or PIN.

Enter a pattern or PINEnter a pattern or PIN

Once inside, go to Privacy and note that Settings and/or Google Play Store have the lock active.

Choose PrivacyChoose Privacy

Select one or both and tap on Unlock.

Press on UnlockPress on Unlock

Once you do so, you can complete the uninstallation by following one of the steps described above. Any of them will let you get rid of the app.