Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure that using WhatsApp Plus is 100% safe.

The APK file that you can download and install from our page is safe and doesn’t contain any viruses or malware. We always put the files hosted on our web through a very thorough analysis to guarantee that all downloads are safe, and that also goes for WhatsApp Plus.

However, the nature of the app itself can generate doubts about its use, as it’s an application developed without the permission of the original code’s owner. That entails several risks:

  • Losing our WhatsApp account: using WhatsApp MODs involves that Facebook can ban our account, forcing us to uninstall the MOD and use the official client, if not anything more drastic… Facebook is entitled to ban our account forever if we infringe the service’s terms and conditions of use, as is the case with using MODs. It’s true that all these massive bans have only been carried on specific occasions and that all these apps have added anti-ban functions to remain operative but the risk of a massive ban is still lurking and may take place in the near future.
  • Message privacy: WhatsApp Plus uses WhatsApp Messenger’s code and infrastructure but how exactly? It’s hard to know who is getting hold our conversations, whether they’re being stored of WhatsApp’s official serves as they say or whether they are going onto other servers that have nothing to do with Facebook, remaining under the control of the creators of these MODs or other people interested in our data. The truth is that we can’t even be 100% sure about the integrity of our messages when we use the official app. By accepting its installation and use, we’re also accepting how WhatsApp Messenger can process our data, other than guaranteeing that are messages are encrypted end to end. Facebook is an American company that is said to cooperate the USA’s national security agency.
  • Message integrity: if you’re concerned about the storage of your messages and their backups, you have to be really careful. WhatsApp Messenger uses a double backup creation system that stored backups on our phone’s internal storage space and on Google Drive. Well, in the case of WhatsApp Plus and other MODs, the functions to back up via Google Drive don’t work. That means that you’ll only have a local backup. To be able to use it, you’ll need a file explorer, either on your phone or connecting the latter to your PC to be able to copy and save the files generated by the backup process. Furthermore, you’ll have to check how to work with it, whether from the MOD itself, on other MODs you decide to use or even on the official client. To be able to import the backup in any of the previous situations, you’ll have to check the steps to be take in each case.