AppLock is a suitable app for those users who want to protect their phones, as it can protect files, photos, and applications. Privacy is no small matter and keeping our data safe from people who should not have access to it is a priority.

Using someone else's mobile device and accessing their information is common and a good reason to install this application. We can think of many situations where we would prevent access to our phone: either an overzealous partner, protecting our children, or keeping that snoopy co-worker at bay.

Its use is very simple and its operation is very effective. To use the application you will need at least Android 4.0. AppLock is the result of the work of DobMobile Lab developers, it was launched in 2012, and is available in around 40 languages. It has been tested by more than 500 million users, proving the interest generated by security apps and this one in particular. Although it is a free app, it has paid options for full functionality. It is one of the alternatives to similar applications such as Norton App Lock or Applock-Fingerprint Pro.

It has a simple and friendly interface to help ease its use and simplify the experience. Its functions include:

  • Additional protection by fingerprint, pattern, or PIN.
  • It prevents the use of the apps of our choice.
  • Protects files and keeps them inaccessible.
  • Manage multiple social media accounts.
  • Blocks Google app store services.
  • Blocks incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Set different profiles and easily modify locks.
  • It offers incognito browsing.
  • Photograph anyone who makes unauthorized use of your phone.
  • Hide the app icon, no one will know if you use it.
  • Customized themes.

Users trust the application, as it is number 1 in 100 different countries. There are plenty of reasons for this, given the number of functionalities it offers. It also has the advantage of taking up very little space and consuming very few resources. Perhaps, some users may think that these types of apps no longer make much sense. Mobile devices have become almost inviolable thanks to the use of biometrics, unlocking with eye iris, face, and more. But being an application that is not heavy and does not consume too many resources, having it is always an extra layer of security.

AppLock is a very complete option for those who wish to protect their device or use some of its special features to reduce our traces to a minimum.