The size of WhatsApp Plus varies with each new version. We have to bear in mind that it’s a WhatsApp MOD and that, just like any other application, every time it gets an update and incorporates new features and functions, the size of the APK can change. Therefore, to know how much the file weighs we simply have to download the APK. However, we know that it will definitely weigh slightly more than the original app. Thus, just for your information, version 6.70 weighed 35.5 MB, version 6.20 was down to 33.8 MB, version 6.12 up to 38.5 MB, version 6.10 was slightly heavier at 38.61 MB, whilst this version 8.00 is 47.1 MB.

Once you’ve installed the app, it will require more storage space, both to store your conversations and also to save all the multimedia contents you receive from your contacts, send through the application or the backups you create to keep your information safe. This can lead the storage space to be multiplied exponentially. You have to be careful because if you run out of space you won’t be able to receive messages through the app, therefore, make sure you have a system to empty space every now and again, whether creating backups or deleting the information you no longer want.

WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial and unauthorized WhatsApp MOD which, therefore, can’t be downloaded from Google Play. It adds certain privacy and customization functions that aren’t available in the original app, which has helped to increase its popularity amongst its users.