Office suites, PDF and notes apps for iPhone

All the apps and tools you could possibly need to write documents, take notes, generate and edit PDF files or work with spreadsheets on your iPhone

Microsoft PowerPoint 2.36.1 English

Create, edit and view presentations on your iPhone

Microsoft Word 2.36.1 English

Microsoft's text processor in its version for iPhone

Microsoft Excel 2.37 English

Work with all your spreadsheets

Adobe Acrobat Reader 20.05.00 English

The best app to open PDF documents on your iPhone or iPad

Evernote 8.24.5 English
Evernote 8.24.5

Increase your productivity with this notes, lists and tasks app

Documents 5 5.7.8 English

Document reader and multimedia player

Notability 6.5.3 English
Notability 6.5.3

The most popular application for notes

Microsoft Teams 2.0.2 English

Microsoft's app to improve your business productivity

Scrivener 1.1.5 English
Scrivener 1.1.5

Application for writers

PhotoMath 5.1.1 English
PhotoMath 5.1.1

Solve equations with your iPhone's camera

Keynote 5.0.2 English
Keynote 5.0.2

Apple's tool to create presentations

GoodReader 4.13.0 English
GoodReader 4.13.0

Read you text files more comfortably and efficiently

PDF to Word Converter - Convert PDF to Word 4.8 English

Convert PDF files to Word on your iPhone

HotSchedules 4.37.0 English
HotSchedules 4.37.0

Manage your teamwork

Microsoft Office 2.35 English

Office for iOS

Dragon Anywhere 1.82 English

Dictate and edit documents by voice

Google Keep 2.2020.12201 English
Google Keep 2.2020.12201

Google Keep's version for iPhone

Trello 2020.6 English
Trello 2020.6

Flexible and efficient task manager

OfficeSuite 3.90.28988 English

An app to improve your office productivity

Microsoft Planner 1.8.11 English

Organize and plan your Office 365 teamwork from your iPhone

Google Sheets 1.2020.10202 English
Google Sheets 1.2020.10202

Create tables and charts from your iPhone

Google Docs 1.2020.20201 English
Google Docs 1.2020.20201

Create collaborative documents online

Ulysses 14.5 English
Ulysses 14.5

Write without distractions and manage your documents

Dropbox Paper 148.2 English

Dropbox's collaborative work app

Savelist - Discover, Save & Buy Products 2.4.3 English

Your shopping list for the Internet

OneNote 16.8 English
OneNote 16.8

Microsoft's application to create and take notes

MuPDF 1.9 English
MuPDF 1.9

A PDF reader with editing functions

Calc Pro 6.1.0 English
Calc Pro 6.1.0

Carry around a scientific calculator on your iPhone

Calculator HD+ 1.37 English

The best calculator for iPhone

MyPoint PowerPoint Remote 2.2.2 English

Remote control for PowerPoint presentations

Haiku Deck 3.8 English

An innovating app for slideshows

To PDF 3.1 English
To PDF 3.1

Convert any image to PDF

Numbers 3.2 English
Numbers 3.2

The best spreadsheet tool for iPhone

Google Slides 1.2020.10203 English
Google Slides 1.2020.10203

Google's application to create slideshows

Quick Graph 2.5.3 English

Scientific graphing calculator

SimpleMind 1.20.0 English
SimpleMind 1.8.0

Everything you need to create mind maps

Quip 2.0 English
Quip 2.0

Efficient collaborative text processor

Calc 2M 2.1 English
Calc 2M 2.1

Scientific calculator for iOS

Prezi Viewer 4.8.3 English

Prezi presentations viewer for iPhone

Pages 3.2 English
Pages 3.2

The best text processor for iPhone