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1964 is an emulator for the games of the Nintendo 64 for your PC. Download 1964 for free and have a great time with Mario, Luigi, Donkey, Link and company


Playany Nintendo 64 game on your PC

October 1, 2010
6 / 10

1964, also known as Nineteen64, is an emulator for Nintendo 64 games that has a control system and a very easy-to-use interface. To enjoy this development it's necessary to download some ROMs from the Internet.

The Nintendo 64 game console (one of the first launched that worked on 64 bits), appeared in 1997 and brought with it very good games, like Super Mario 64, Turok 3 (a spectacular shooter for that time), Mario Kart 64 and Top Gear Overdrive.

Among the most noteworthy features we'll find:

  • - Frameskip and automatic calibrating functions.
  • - High quality sound engine.
  • - Option to modify the game speed.
  • - User-friendly interface.
  • - Integrated user manual.

It's possible that some games won't work properly mainly due to the fact that many of the latest video cards aren't compatible with this application.

Rediscover the best games for Nintendo 64 after downloading and installing 1964, a simple and lightweight emulator.

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