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In A4 Hide and Seek we will play hide-and-seek with the popular Russian YouTuber and become objects that mimic our environment in order to avoid being found


Try to hide in this game of hide-and-seek

January 11, 2022
7 / 10

How are you or were you at playing hide-and-seek? Good? Bad? Whatever the answer, you can put yourself to the test again on your mobile thanks to a game like A4 Hide and Seek. You will have to try to hide from the seeker so that you are not found and can get to the next level. And all this featuring the Russian YouTuber and his friends.

Two game scenarios: hide or seek

The game offers us two scenarios. In one, you will have to hide by turning yourself into an object. You will have a set time to move around your surroundings and to blend in with what is around you. Try not to be noticed, so think about what kind of object you are and where you are: maybe items like a TV or a coffee-maker aren't the best fit for a bathroom, right? If time runs out and you have not been found, you get to level up.

As a seeker, you will have to try to find the other players who are hiding. You will have one minute to find the five players who are hiding and hit them with a bat.

The money you get both by hiding and by seeking can be used to get new characters to play with. What's more, you will have a range of locations in which to play, such as a house, a store, or a shopping mall.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 6.0.
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