AC3 Audio Codec

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AC3 Audio Codec allows you to play files in AC3 format and to configure the details of the playback. Make the adjustments necessary with AC3 Audio Codec


Configure the playback of audio in AC3 format

June 4, 2012
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Not only MP3 has become a successful audio format, other alternatives like OGG and APE have also become very popular in the music world, but there are other alternatives, like AC3, that, despite not being used to distribute discs in digital format, has been a real success due to the fact that it has become the standard to distribute films in DivX and MKV format.

Discover everything that one of the best digital audio formats has to offer

AC3 Audio Codec will allow us, as well as playing files in this format, to configure up to the slightest detail of how these files will be played, allowing us to adjust the gain, the channel distribution or the mixer matrix.

Moreover, it has a series of options thanks to which we'll be able to prepare our computer so that when it detects that this format is being played, it directly redirects the digital output of our sound card, something that will be ideal to be able to enjoy the maximum quality when we hear a film's sound effects, for example.

Other interesting functions are the configuration of the low-frequency filter or the system for automatic normalization, that will allow us to play any AC3 file without having to adjust the volume with each track manually, thus accomplishing optimum playback dynamics.

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