Audio and video multimedia codecs for Windows

All the essential multimedia codecs to be able to play and watch almost any kind of video or audio without any trouble at all on your Windows PC

K-Lite Codec Pack 17.3.0 Full English
K-Lite Codec Pack 17.3.0 Full

Play videos without any compatibility problems

DirectX 12 English

Version 12 of DirectX comes along with significant performance improvements

DirectX 10 English

Version 10 of DirectX

Microsoft Camera Codec Pack 6.3.9721.0 English

Pack of codecs to view several photo formats

DirectX 11 .3 English

Version 11 of DirectX

MPEG-2 Video Decoder 2.0 English

Essential pack of filters to play MPEG-2 video files

AC3 Audio Codec 2.6.0b English

Configure the playback of audio in AC3 format

MP3 Codec 4.71.514.0 English
MP3 Codec 4.71.514.0

Always keep the best audio codec up to date

ACE Mega CoDecS Pack 6.03 English

Complete pack of video and audio codecs

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 17.3.0 English

Complete collection of audio and video codecs

GSpot 2.70a English
GSpot 2.70a

Find out what codecs you need to watch any video

ADI SoundMax AC97 5.12 English

Drivers for ADI AC97 integrated sound cards

Media Player Codec Pack 4.5.2 English

Codec pack for the correct playback of multimedia files

FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2015-08-09 English
FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2015-08-09

Excellent pack of video codecs

AC97 Audio Codecs English
AC97 Audio Codecs

Latest update of the AC97 sound card drivers

Haali Media Splitter English

Make the most of your MKV files like never before

Matroska Splitter English

Essential filter to be able to watch MKV videos

Matroska Muxer English

A DirectShow filter for this container format

LiveWare 3.0 English

Keep your drivers up to date

AC3Filter 2.6.0b English
AC3Filter 2.6.0b

Take control of the best audio codec for films

Fantasy Codec Pack 3.87 English

Excellent codec pack to play any file

Cole2k Media Codec Pack 8.0.6 Advanced English
Cole2k Media Codec Pack 8.0.6 Advanced

Codec and filter pack to play any video or audio file

Gordian Knot Codec Pack 1.9 English

Complete codec pack to play common multimedia formats

Codec Pack All in 1 English

Codec package to see DivX movies, and also XviD, AC3...

m5Studio Codec 8.4g English

Simple audio and video codec pack

Ogg Vorbis ACM Codec English

One of the best audio codecs available

Xvid 1.3.5 English
Xvid 1.3.5

One of the best codecs for videos

DirectX 9 .29.1974 End-User English
DirectX 9 .29.1974 End-User

Essential libraries to play multimedia contents