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6.03 Download ACE Mega CoDecS Pack for free, a pack of video and audio codecs which will allow you to enjoy many files your computer couldn't read until now
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Both video and audio codecs are necessary on any computer to be able to enjoy the maximum amount of contents possible, because depending on which you have installed you will be able to view or listen to one file or another. To avoid missing any codecs on your computer, the best thing is to install a pack like ACE Mega CoDecS Pack.

All the codecs which you need

When ACE Mega CoDecS Pack is installed the user will have on his computer almost all the codecs necessary to play any audio or video file. Therefore, it will no longer be necessary to find out which specific code was used to create a specific file, because it will be possible to play all of them.

Not just codecs

ACE Mega CoDecS Pack includes as well as the codecs a full collection of tools to work with and enjoy multimedia files, including:

  • Media Player Classic. One of the most used players on the market.
  • 3GP to AVI Converter. A converter that will allow you to convert videos prepared for mobiles to the most common formats on modern computers.
  • DVD Identifier. Which allows you to extract all kinds of information from any DVD that you use.
  • And many more...

Additionally, ACE Mega CoDecS Pack includes a general interface, ACE Mega CoDecS Pack Dashboard, from which it will be possible to directly access all the codecs that have been installed to be able to modify the different parameters which they offer.

Download ACE Mega CoDecS Pack for free to be able to enjoy greater freedom with your multimedia contents.

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