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Download Gordian Knot Codec Pack, a complete pack with the most popular codecs to be able to view all your videos properly and listen to music on your PC

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Codec packs help us to save a lot of time when it comes to viewing multimedia files on our computer, because they avoid the complicated process of having to install each codec necessary one by one to view every single kind of file.

  From the author of the well-known multimedia file encoding application, Gordian Knot Rip Pack, comes Gordian Knot Codec Pack. It's a pack of libraries that contains the most popular video and audio codecs.

  The codecs included in Gordian Knot Codec Pack are the following:
- DivX 3.11 alpha.
- DivX 5.2.1 Pro Trial for Windows2000/XP.
- XviD 1.0.3.
- AC3Filter 0.70b.
- Morgan Stream Switcher 0.99.
- Huffyuv cce-patch.
- ffdshow alpha 2004-10-12.
- OGG filter
- Core Vorbis 1.0.
- Matroska splitter & muxer
- VSFilter 2.33.

  The application allows you to install all the codecs or select only those that you find interesting. So now you know, download Gordian Knot Codec Pack and save time.
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